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Helping engineers automate your future

The steadily rising labour costs, the problems regarding safety at work and the increase of labour in special fields, difficulties in finding specialized qualified staff, the harmony of the working environment, as well as the fierce international competition require an automatization of production.
The aim of  Robotools is to design and produce high quality, innovative solutions and equipment for both robotics and automation for virtually any industry and suitable for varying conditions from a standard application to severe foundry conditions and harsh environment.
To help our customers to be world competitive and to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in  industry is of  primary importance when considering investment costs and returns: in this case innovation is the core of all our activities.
Robotools will achieve this mission with strategies for continuous improvement, innovation, and diversification in concert with our customers’ feedback  helping to find solutions to their manufacturing problems.
Our firs commitment is in the reliability of our solutions to protect the employees who use them.
All components are made to meet or exceed the production requirements set by our customers to improve the performance of their manufacturing process because any failure could have disastrous consequences for customers, employees or equipment.

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