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Robotools S.r.l. develops and manufactures components for two distinct sectors: industrial and medical.

For the industrial sector and, specifically for both robotics and automation, Robotools S.r.l. provides innovative solutions for every type of robotized application: spot and wire welding, assembly, painting, cutting materials (laser, plasma, waterjet, etc.), handling (packaging and palletizing molding), material removal (deburring, sandblasting and polishing)

All components have been designed and developed with the specific characteristics of the area of use and the environment in which they will be used in mind.

This guarantees particularly high levels of quality and a unique framework of reliability that translates into consistent work and profitability.

The components basically include:

  • Automatic clamps change
  • Compensated deburring systems
  • Anti-collision unit
  • Pressurized grippers for foundry and applications in extreme environments
  • Rotary distributors.

For the medical sector, Robotools has created and patented an innovative endoral welder.