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About us

Robotools S.r.l. has been in operation for almost twenty years and was the first company in Italy to design and build tool charger, standard and special, used in different sectors of industry using, especially for the clamping unit, particularly innovative solutions.
We are a dynamic company which, thanks to the professionalism of our qualified employees, has achieved a high standard of quality.

Robotools S.r.l. is able to anticipate the times by offering innovative solutions with a particular flexibility towards the needs of the customer, meeting precise and specific requirements in an ever-changing market.


The creative capacity and experience gained over the years are an asset at the service of customers.
In fig. 1 we can see the first tool charger realized in 1997  and sold under the brand name Com.Imp.Ex..
The locking system was a pin controlled opening/closing system and with a conical body to withstand high moments.
Of the six sold in the same year and mounted on robots ABB, in 2010 five were still in operation and the sixth was used for spare parts, as the line on which they were mounted was subsequently downsized.

In fig. 2 tool charger D 125-160 built in 1999, there were ten hydraulic couplings on the flange, a 15-pin electrical connector for signals and the possibility of using a 180 A power connector. The clamping unit (not present in the picture) will later be modified as in the fig. 3 using two or more locking balls and a conical body,to its final version fig. 4 which will be used and patented in 2001.


Robotools robotic design cambio

Fig. 1

Robotools robotic devices cambio pinza D 125-160 costruito nel 1999

Fig. 2

Robotools robotic devices

Fig. 3

Robotools robotic devices cambio pinza D 125-160 costruito nel 1999

Fig. 4

In the clamping unit drawing, element conceptually valid for all caliper changes but adapted to different usage loads, the final version of the model  D125-160 with 250 kg load capacity, the patented multi-ball locking system (in the market since 2001), safety spring release caused by power loss (Tests carried out by one of our customers have shown that 350 kg can be held without the slightest separation of the flanges).
In the final design we see the special double cone locking pin that prevents total release (Tests carried out by a certification laboratory have demonstrated the validity of the solution using a traction of 6,500 kg without any tool release/loss.).

ROBOTOOLS S.r.l.: the cornerstones of a continuous evolution
2002 - First tool charger in stainless steel with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg for the food industry.
2005 - Pressurised gripper for foundry and harsh environments developed to work in extreme conditions without maintenance and for loads up to 400 kg.
2006  - First pneumatic plywood deburrer with the possibility of working in floating or rigid mode.
First magnesium tool changer
First rotary distributor with ISO standard connections and loads up to 500 kg.
2007 - Pressurised tool changer for foundry and harsh environments.
First ever 1000 kg capacity tool change with central through-hole to replace and rotate foundry screws via a drive shaft.
2008 - Stainless steel tool charger for drilling machines EDM to CNC.
2009 - Magnesium tool charger for wire welders.
2010 - Welding machine for the medical/dental sector with two patents.
High-efficiency vane air motor for our deburring systems.
2012 - We have designed and patented, unique in the market, a collet changer with mechanical safety to prevent tool disengagement and loss for any reason, whether intentional or accidental due to faulty solenoid valves, software with management holes, etc.. In cooperation with one of our customers, we have developed an electrically operated tool charger:  D160 Elettro with a load capacity of 400 kg.
2015 - Patented compensated deburrer with three working modes, rigid, compensated for heavy machining such as: cast iron hardened steel, etc. and fine for aluminium, plastic, etc.
Patented tool charger with internal connections for hollow wrist robots.
2016 - Sistema di compensazione con tre modalità di lavoro per motori elettrici.

Throughout these years, however, we have continued to make special assemblies on request and in cooperation with our customers, some of which can be seen in the sezione SPECIALI . others not available due to customers' request for confidentiality.