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Assistenza e servizi robotools


Timely, professional, on time: these are the three essential aspects of service Robotools.
Not just a simple service, but a concrete and continuous relationship of collaboration both in the design consultancy in the application of our components, and in the study of new technical solutions and after-sales service.

Maintenance and repair work
Regular maintenance service by our qualified technicians, ensuring the sustainable availability of your Robotools product. This allows you to minimize downtime due to unforeseen events.

By training your operators, you can ensure the efficient use of your Robotools product, as well as the smooth operation and long life of your machines. The service enables you to gain this knowledge in an extremely easy and practical way.

Customized study for the application of Robotools components in order to meet the customer's operational needs. Our specialized staff will provide technical and design support to better integrate Robotools solutions into your production chain.

Spare parts and accessories
We guarantee a fast supply of original parts to drastically reduce downtime. We supply the entire range of components - with the quality and availability that only one manufacturer can provide. Suitable accessories increase the opportunities of your Robotools product.

Shipping and Returns
In case our products have any problems and do not meet the expectations of the customer you can contact the service department to promptly resolve problems related to: account viewings, repairs, complaints, credit notes and the like.