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Deburring tools

Robotools S.r.l. robotic devices designs and manufactures deburring and compensated finishing units.

They are groups composed of pneumatic motors or of electro- spindles connected to compensating systems installed on a robot or in a fixed stand. These compensate for errors which may occur when following the outline of a piece to be trimmed. Errors of position down to a a few millimetres will be compensated for.
The compensating deburring tool must be used when the outline of a part with an uneven surface must be deburred fast and easily without leaving unwanted burrs on the edge or breaking the tool shank.
The spindle is radially compensating and centred by varying the air pressure in the compensating unit to provide a constant force against the part while following its outline.
Depending on the model, it is also possible to cut off the compensating function.
All motors are made by Robotools S.r.l..
Fully variable pressure force.
Excellent surface quality guaranteed by the compensating function.
Depending on speed, power or burs the compensating device can be used to debur any kind of metallic or non-metallic materials.
High durability.
Servicing can be made easily. Standard and easy to locate ball bearings or o-ring are used
The compensating device fitted on tool changers can be used in completely automated finishing cells.
Special units can be designed to customers’ specifications